Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jan 16th 2013

The past few days have been uneventful in regards to the adoption.

It seems CRAZY to me that I am required to stay here to process paperwork, and yet *I* am not required to do any of the actual paperwork. (Until our embassy appointment)

So yesterday the group of ladies that are also here doing adoption work, were planning on doing Bible School with the foster kids. I was not feeling well (having what they call a runny stomach) My energy level was way low, and I did not want to go far from running water & flushing toilets today.

So after 1 o'clock rolled around, the other ladies had decided it was simply getting too late to go out the the foster home. (We MUST be back in our compound before 6 as it is NOT safe on the roads after then)

So instead of doing much, we all lounged around the beach and enjoyed dinner.

what a wonderful reprieve from the anxiety and worry of all our paperwork!

So the 3 boys played in the sand and water, and all the momma's took turns resting, or chasing the boys in the sand!

Yassa (Melvin's mother) went to the ministry Tuesday and signed the TPR papers. I should be ready to apply for the passport and gain an embassy appointment by tomorrow.

Just a few more steps, and we will be done, unfortunately with ever single step we have tiny delays, for example on the Monday morning Yassa was scheduled to sign TPR, when the consulate canceled all appointments because his home had been burglarized and he had to remain at home to finish the police report.

So that is one day.... one day.... you get the idea?

Then the flights are extremely limited, so even IF I finish my papers and have Clearence to leave, we must wait for the weekend, as these are the only flights out.

Photos to come! Of course videos would be nice...


  1. What a totally awesome experience. Thinking of you and pray for you and Peter daily.

  2. can you believe it took a MONTH more to leave? Man the wheels move slow in 3rd world countries